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My name is Dr. Arielle Thomas

Philadelphia Veterinarian for Dogs and Cats

Dr. Arielle Thomas grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Her motivation to enter the field of veterinary medicine was fueled by an innate love and appreciation for animals and an interest in biology. Additionally, a general professional goal of Dr. Thomas was to help and provide a service to others, and vet med was the obvious marriage of all of those things. Dr. Thomas graduated from Clemson University for undergraduate and then went on to the University of Pennsylvania and graduated in 2017. During her time as an undergraduate student, she volunteered in a animal research facility (McGowan institute of Regenerative Medicine) and the Pittsburgh Zoo. Dr. Thomas also worked as a veterinary assistant at a small animal practice in Clemson. 


Dr Thomas is a part of the American Veterinary Medical Association and when asked about her favorite part of veterinary medicine she said, "There is a lot to love about being a veterinarian. Every day brings a new and interesting challenge. It is especially rewarding as a general practitioner to be able to see a diverse caseload and hone a wide variety of skills. The opportunities to learn and grow never end. It is also so wonderful to work with a community of people who are genuinely kind, compassionate and all working toward the common goal of providing the best care to our patients and their people. We all come from different backgrounds and experiences, and through our collective knowledge, support one another to become the best practitioners that we can be. Above and beyond, the best part of my job is meeting new animals and people every day and being able to support them through their good moments and the hard ones, too." 


Dr. Thomas' professional interests are Dentistry, General Surgery & Anesthesia, Internal Medicine, Dermatology, Preventive Care, and End-of-Life Care. When not working, Dr. Thomas enjoys cooking, singing, live-music, biking and yoga. She and her husband have two kitties, Pip and Tig. 

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