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Pet Insurance

Some clients opt to use Pet Insurance to help cover costs of illness/injury for their pets. Insurance can be a great way to be prepared for the unexpected. Keep in mind that unlikely human health insurance, pet insurance is going to exclude pre-existing conditions, and primarily reimburses expenses (ie they do not pay for care up front). Pet Insurance is a for-profit industry designed to take in more money than they pay out, and veterinarians have little say over what will and won't be covered. 


If you are interested in pet insurance, it's important to get coverage as soon as possible (ideally before any medical conditions develop), and to be very clear on what the policy is going to include. and both offer unbiased comparisons and reviews of most available pet insurance providers and policies.

Turpanion Pet Insurance

Unfortunately, this does not include any current known medical conditions your pet may be afflicted with, known as pre-existing conditions. Instead, this is for when said condition is discovered or diagnosed. Insuring your pet as soon as possible can help avoid these unintended gaps in coverage so that in the future, regardless of what happens, you and your pet will be covered. 

Trupanion, it works like this:  

  1. Your pet becomes sick or injured and you bring them to the hospital for treatment.  

  2. You advise one of our Client Service Representatives and our Triage Nurse that you will be checking out with Trupanion today. 

We recommend pet insurance for those that want to ensure they are able to provide the best medical care options for their pets without worrying about the cost, giving you and your family financial peace of mind. 

You can sign up your pet(s) by going here and selecting your custom deductible to decide on the right premium for you. If you prefer, you can also enroll over the phone by calling (800) 569-7913. 

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