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At Art City Vets, we LOVE the dogs of Philadelphia! Our veterinarians can help you give your dogs the best care to live happy and healthy lives.

Art City Veterinarian Dogs
Dog Vaccine Schedule Which Vaccines

Dog Vaccines

These are the core vaccines for the majority of our patients in the Philly area. Optional/lifestyle based vaccines may be appropriate. We follow the AAHA vaccination guidelines:

Dog Tips!

Many dogs are fearful of unfamiliar things, just like people! Acclimating dogs to handling can improve their visit at the vet. This is especially important in young puppies. Adult dogs take a lot more slow, patient introduction to new things. Improve your pet’s vet experience by regularly handling their mouth, paws, & ears. Normalize handling these areas to reduce stress during physical exams.

Dog Canine Behavior Quiz

Canine Body Language Quiz

See how well you understand canine body language!

Training Tips with Dr. Ball

Lesson 1: Low Value vs. High Value Treats

Lesson 3: Marker Words & Teaching Sit

Lesson 2: Working with an Anxious Dog. Tricks: Look & Touch

Lesson 4: Teaching a Dog to Down

Dog Trainers

Melanie Cerone, PhD
Canine training certification: CPDT-KA, BCBA, et al.


Philly Dog Training

Marisa Scully – CPDT-KA
Perry Dewitt – CPDT-KA
Brittney Paye – BCBA


Tuff Pups


Matt Schimsky – CPDT-KA
Audrey Culp – CPDT-KA


Philly Unleashed

Elisa Segal, MD, VSA-Certified Dog Trainer, Certified Control Unleashed Instructor, Member APDT, PPG


CPDT-KA = certified pet dog trainer – knowledge assessed
BCBA = board certified behavior analyst

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