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Your Philly Vet

As one of Philadelphia’s only remaining privately owned veterinary practices, Art City Vets provides informed, comprehensive, and personalized veterinary care. These resources, plus the personal feel of our animal hospital, allow you to experience exceptional veterinary care in an intimate neighborhood setting. We are there for you and your pet when you need us. We love what we do, and hope you and your pet feel welcome to join the ACV family.

We are your Philly vet!

Art City Vets & Urgent Care was the first pet Urgent Care in the city of Philadelphia. We are a forward-thinking animal hospital, committed to the development and practice of innovative veterinary medicine. Situated in the heart of Philadelphia, our veterinarians pledge to treat your pet with compassion and professionalism putting his/her health and comfort first. Each of our patients is treated on an individual basis with their unique needs in mind. We will proudly see canines and felines. Our goal is to address all of your questions and concerns about your animal’s health while offering solutions and advice in a considerate, friendly manner.


Locally owned and operated by Philadelphia native, Dr. Edward Aller, the vision to start Art City Vets began from his desire to combine the level of medicine expected from a specialty/referral center with the warm, friendly feeling of a small, convenient neighborhood veterinarian.

He says, “being a member of this local community, I want to provide its residents with a compassionate and thorough experience for every pet that comes through my door. I feel that this community deserves that type of hands-on, individualized care that puts the pet’s experience first.”

We promise to do everything we can to provide the highest level of care to keep your pet well and thriving, while also nurturing the human-animal bond. We understand the benefits of positive interactions with animals in our lives and their profound impact on community health.

Meet Our Team

Our Care Policy

At Art City Vets, we are dedicated to teaming up with you, your veterinarian, and our team to deliver your pet the best possible care. Effective communication, mutual respect, and trust are core foundations for achieving this shared goal. 

Client Rights:

  • Experience thoughtful, respectful, and compassionate care from our Veterinarians and staff members.

  • Receive accurate, clear, and timely information regarding your pet’s health

  • Be informed about the costs associated with evaluation and treatment options, along with available payment options.

  • Understand your pet's evaluation, prognosis, and available treatment options, including treatments that may be available via referral to a specialist.

  • Asking for clarification and understanding if communication is unclear.

  • Participate in decisions regarding your pet’s care, including the option to decline treatment.

  • Assurance that personal and medical information is handled in a confidential and private manner.

Client Responsibilities:

  • Treat every member of our team with respect and courtesy when communicating your needs and concerns.

  • Disclose relevant, accurate, and complete information about your pet’s history, including patient behavior that may impact staff safety.

  • Ask for clarification when you do not understand instructions about your pet’s treatment plan. 

  • Minimize injuries and the spread of disease by limiting your pet’s interactions with other animals in our hospital. All dogs must be on leashes, and all cats must be in carriers.

  • Be understanding of potential wait times due to unforeseen circumstances such as emergencies, staff availability, weather, etc.

  • Be aware of the consequences for actions or behavior inconsistent with this client's rights and responsibilities, including potential termination of the veterinary-client-patient relationship.

  • Understand that our staff is always trying their best to provide the most accurate information and appropriate recommendations/care possible.

  • Understand the financial obligations and payment policies agreed to when your pet receives care.

  • Support us in providing care to other patients by complying with our scheduling and appointment policies.

*Art City Vets is committed to maintaining a peaceful and safe environment for clients, patients, and staff. Abusive or discriminating behavior will not be tolerated. Such behavior may lead to the denial of service and intervention by law enforcement.*

Hello, my name is Mabel

Mabel is our hospital cat that we rescued from Kitten Snatchers back in October of 2022. She is around 11 years old and has really opened up since moving to Art City Vets. Mabel has made the admin office her retirement home, which she greatly deserves after living on the streets of Philadelphia. The staff really enjoy giving her treats, affection, and playtime. Most days she is either curled up in her cat tent or running like crazy in her cat tunnel. She is missing all her teeth but is obsessed with cheese. We LOVE our senior kitty 💚 

Hospital Rescue Cat
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