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Philadelphia Animal Hospital Philly

We LOVE our community!

Art City Vets animal hospital works with the best pet-friendly community partners in Philadelphia and beyond!

We welcome pet-friendly partners including, housing complexes, bars & restaurants, rescue organizations, stores, vendors, hotels, and more!

Since opening in 2018, we have helped save our rescue partners over $199,130.14!

Partner incentives include, but are not limited to new client offers, discounted care

(with submission of 501c3 paperwork), co-branding opportunities, and more!

Interested in becoming a partner? See our link below to complete the Rescue Packet. Email the completed packet along with your 501C3 to

Rescue Pet Spotlight

Meet Gordon! He's a loving 10 year old pit mix that is ready for a forever home! Gordon was originally found as a stray and brought to Philly's animal control shelter where he was timestamped for euthanasia due to a mass in his abdomen that couldn't be medically addressed at the shelter and lack of space for incoming dogs. Instead of euthanasia, he hitched a ride to a COEL foster home! Thankfully, after getting blood work, x-rays, and an ultrasound done it was discovered that the mass in his abdomen turned out to be an enlarged prostate that has now resolved on its own since Gordon has been neutered. Phew!

Now Gordon is ready for a forever home! Gordon is an absolute sweet, energetic goofball! Besides his love of naps, you'd never guess he was a senior. He is the type of guy who is just happy to exist; every day is the best day of his life! He did great in his dog meets at the shelter and is currently living with 2 dogs in foster care. He's also met new dogs on walks and playdates. Most of all, Gordon LOVES people! He's never met anyone who isn't an instant friend. 

He enjoys lounging on the couch, taking naps, and going for walks. He knows basic commands like sit, paw, and lay down. Gordon is house trained and working on crate training! He's also a model in-training and eager to learn. One of our most favorite things about Gordon is that he has big ole' satellite ears! We have a hunch that they can predict the weather but we have yet to be able to confirm. Check out his photos to see what we mean!

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