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Our Veterinary Services

Philadelphia Primary Care Dog Cat

Wellness Center

Health is our top priority. We provide the highest quality care using a wide range of wellness and preventative care options tailored to your pet's specific needs.

Pet Pharmacy Dog Cat Philadelphia Chewy


Our commitment to your pet's health is reflected by our robust in-house veterinary pharmacy.

Surgery Dog Cat Your Philly Vet Art City Vets Philadelphia


We apply state-of-the-art techniques in combination with the most cutting-edge equipment available to provide for all your pet's surgical needs.

Palliative Care Philadelphia

Palliative Care

We are here to help determine when it's time to say goodbye and help your pet pass as peacefully and comfortably as possible.

Sick Visit Dog and Cat Philly

Sick Visit

We understand the concern you feel when your pet is sick. Sick visits are available same-day so that diagnosis and treatment can begin as quickly as possible.

Dog Cat Wellness Bloodwork Labs Diagnostics

Blood Work

Looking good on the outside doesn't always mean our pets are healthy. Blood work is an important diagnostic our doctors recommend for both sick and healthy pets.

Dental Dentistry Your Philly Vet Art City Vets Philadelphia


Dental health is vital to maintain quality of life. We provide routine dental cleaning, as well as more extensive care for extractions and tumor removals.

Philadelphia USDA APHIS Pet Travel

Pet Travel

Art City Vets can help with getting your pet ready for both Domestic and International Travel. We have 4 USDA, APHIS veterinarians who can certify your pet for travel.

Emergency Urgent Care Pet Dog Cat Veterinary

ER & Urgent Care

Pet emergencies can be scary, we provide extended hours to help provide emergency and urgent care for your pet as quickly as possible.

X-rays Radiography Your Philly Vet Art City Vets Philadelphia


X-rays are one of the most important diagnostic tools that can help us evaluate bones and internal organs. Results are available immediately.

Cat Days Feline Friendly Veterinarian

Cat Days

Blocks of time at our Wellness Center for just cats! Cat-friendly appointments by veterinarians who love feline medicine.

Pet Laser Therapy Philadelphia

Laser Therapy

Our veterinary healthcare team cares about reducing pain and offering speedy recovery for many conditions your furry family member may encounter. Laser Therapy is a noninvasive treatment that can reduce pain, reduce swelling, stimulate healing, and help re-energize your pet.

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