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Pet Dental Health

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

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Often times, pets have a foul-smelling odor protruding from their mouth that owners may dismiss as simply bad breath from something eaten or not routinely brushing. This assumption can lead to serious illness if not attended to promptly. Typically, bad breath is caused by an infection in the mouth that requires veterinary treatment and affects more than 75% of pets over the age of 2. Ignoring such a critical indicator of dental disease can cause a plethora of issues including unfavorable behavior due to pain, liver, kidney or heart valve damage, decreased quality of life, tooth loss and inflammation.

So the question…WHAT CAN I DO?

  • Schedule an annual exam

  • Daily brushing

  • Schedule a professional cleaning annually

  • Maintain a dental formulated diet

Author: Dr. Edward Aller

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