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My name is Dr. Dei Huettenmoser

Art City Vets Philadelphia

Raising Seeing Eye guide dogs at the age of 12 initiated Dr. Huettenmoser's love for animals. Dr. Huettenmoser is originally from the small suburban town of Chatham, New Jersey which is 30 minutes outside of New York City. In high school, she worked for a local small animal veterinary hospital which helped confirm her love for veterinary medicine and prepped her to pursue her doctorate. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in Animal and Veterinary Science at rural Clemson University, South Carolina. Immediately after graduating undergrad, she began veterinary school at the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine and earned her VMD. 

Working in a shelter surgery clinic, with the FDA, and abroad in the Dominican Republic are some memorial experiences that concreted her passion for public health, preventative medicine, and surgery. Her favorite part about being a veterinarian is working on complicated cases and working with owners to help them feel informed and come up with the best plan for them and their pets.

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